Bergen Bel Canto
Tuition Plans and Cancellation Policy​​

Individual Lessons are $80 per hour and $40 per half-hour paid at the time of the lesson.

A discounted one-month (4 weeks) lesson plan is available for $300 for students who take weekly lessons and who have paid in advance.

Missed lessons must be made up within the four week period of the lesson set in order to get the lower prepaid rate lessons. 

A minimum 24-hour notice of cancellation must be provided in order to receive a make up for a missed lesson.  Exceptions to this policy are made only for sudden illness or serious emergency at the instructor’s discretion. No exceptions will be made for changes in a student’s work schedule or school schedule.

If a student is ill with an upper respiratory tract infection the day before a lesson please call to cancel the lesson. If you become ill with a URI infection or any contagious illness on the day of your lesson call the instructor to cancel, as this is a same day emergency. This policy is to protect both the vocal health of the student and the instructor. Referring to your rhinovirus (cold), flu, fever or other contagious illness by a cute and harmless name such as ‘sniffles’ or a ‘tickle in the throat’ will not convince me to permit you to expose myself, my family and the other singers I teach to your or your child’s contagious illness.